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Recent regattas

Aficianados will have followed the J Class regattas that took place in 2012 and 2015 on both Falmouth and Solent waters. Their attendance was linked to the Olympics and the America's Cup respectively; it usually takes a major international event to attract the J's to our cooler waters!

Official Rib Charter Partner

Solent Rib Charter are the official Rib charter supplier to the J Class Association; we will be certain to publish information here as soon as we hear news of any future events.

J Class origins

J Class yachts were designed to meet the specification of the ‘Universal Rule’ established in 1929. The rule used waterline length of 65 – 76 feet, and determined displacement and sail area to harmonise their rating. Ten J's were built between 1930 and 1937. The design is linked inexorably to the The America’s Cup.


Sir Thomas Lipton the tea and grocery magnate spent $1,000,000 on Shamrock V in 1930 and challenged four Amercian J's also built in 1930. A combination of the depression and the outbreak of the Second World war with attendant material shortages, are attributed as marking the end of the era.

Modern era

By the early 1980's, only three J's survived. Following a revival in interest subsequent to refits of the surviving boats, new class rules were established for the construction of replica builds from original plans, to keep the J Class fleet as a racing entity. The fleet now numbers eight boats.

J Class Association

In 2000 the J Class Association was founded to protect the interests of the Class, present and future.

J Class Regattas
J Class Regattas
America's Cup
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