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Sailing community

It sometimes seems that most of our bareboat clients developed their interest in the water by sailing dinghies in Rock as children and it is very apparent that generations of the same families return to the area again and again.

Bareboat Rib charter

We often deliver bareboat Ribs to Rock for our clients. It is very unusual for a boat to be chartered for less than a week and will typically be booked for the duration of a family summer holiday. We launch off the beach and loan a tender and outboard with the Rib.

Camel estuary

There is plenty of boating to be enjoyed within the Camel Estuary (right up to Wadebridge on a fair tide), and of course Padstow with its excellent eateries is big draw. Unquestionably though, the principal attraction is the stunning coastline outside of the estuary.

Seaworthy boats

Most of our clients have calculated that there is little justification in owning, storing, insuring and maintaining anything other than a ‘pocket sized’ Rib for an annual holiday. By providing ‘well founded’ 8.8m offshore boats, the usability of our boats in comparison is worlds apart.

Engaged teenagers

It is a recurrent theme of our West Country bareboat charters that chartering a Rib guarantees the happy attendance of the young and their coterie of friends. We have followed the children of several families from prep school all the way through university!

Talk to us
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