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Ideal for exploration

A Plymouth Rib Charter or Bareboat Rib Charter (without a skipper), is ideal for exploration of the harbour and nearby coast, with other popular West Country Rib destinations such as Salcombe, Fowey and Falmouth within easy range.

Maritime events

Plymouth has played host to a number of major maritime events including The America's Cup in 2011 and more recently La Solitaire du Figaro in 2014. A number of translatic races and record attempts are hosted by the city which has a very active sailing community.


A particular feature of Plymouth is the scale and extent of Rib cruising to be found within the harbour itself and various tributaries, giving an excellent back up plan if seas are running too high for venturing around the coast.


There is insufficient demand for us to position Ribs in Plymouth permanently but we often have Ribs in Plymouth during the season and when we don't, we deliver to Plymouth charging no more than our direct costs. Typically we will operate out of Plymouth Yacht Haven, an excellent marina with no lock and well served by a good bistro.

Talk to us
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