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Epicurean connections

Occasionally referred to as ‘Padstein’, it is hard to avoid the connection with Rick Stein’s famous seafood restaurant. Other local Stein establishments include the Seafood Cookery School, St. Petroc’s Bistro, Rick Stein’s Café, Steins’s Fish & Chips and Ruby’s Bar!

Safe haven

The harbour provides excellent shelter and we have frequently supplied bareboat Ribs for a week or more to clients who are holidaying in the area. Watching our tow vehicle and trailer slide down the very slippery slipway into the harbour is in itself excellent entertainment.


Chartering a ‘proper’ Rib from us opens up the North Coast to exploration. Having a well-founded sea boat is enormously reassuring and whilst conditions rule supreme, there is stunning boating to be enjoyed in the area.


For ‘low key’ days, it is great fun just to take the boat across the estuary and visit Rock. There are couple of fun cafes on the waterfront in Rock which will give you an excellent view of both your Rib and Padstow behind it. What could be better?


Being very careful with tides, it is also possible to enjoy a very pleasant cruise up the Camel as far as Wadebridge.

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