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Firearms and patrol boats

Solent Rib Charter won the tender to supply forty Ribs to the Dorset Police Authority for the 2012 Olympic Games. The contract included the long term charter of a twin engine cabin Rib; sixteen Ribs for use as firearms boats and twenty three patrol Ribs.

Training Ribs

For several months leading up to the Olympics, Solent Rib Charter also chartered five Ribs to the Dorset Police Marine Training Unit and ten Ribs to HMS Raleigh at Jupiter Point in Cornwall for the training of Naval personnel.


Boat equipment includes LED blue lights, sirens and loudhailer units. There are optional satellite comms as well as command and control communication equipment as fitted to the Ribs for the Olympics. SRC have several Ribs on inventory that are coded to the Police Boat Code.

Dorset Police Authority said....

"We would like to congratulate you on your excellent management of the detail and complexity during the extensive preparations leading up the Games, and your flawless delivery during the 2012 Games themselves.

Keeping so many boats on full operational duty, many with 24 hour availability with a near 100% service level is a full testament to every aspect of your operation. Well done indeed"

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