What to do on the Solent

What to do on the Solent

For many of our clients it’s the first time they’ve been out on a Rib or to explore the Solent, either way, one of the first questions we often get is ‘what is there to do on the Solent?’. Our team will always take the time to talk clients through the many options available, however we thought a blog on the topic could be useful. 

So what can you do on the Solent? Well, to answer in the simplest of terms, there is a plethora of options available to you. So to make things that little bit easier to decide, we’ve listed some of our top recommendations.   

Visit the Needles

One of the most obvious attractions for us is visiting the Needles off the Isle of Wight. For those unfamiliar with the Needles, they are a trio of rock formations that protrude from the west side of the island. A stunning sight to see and makes for a great photo opportunity as well!

The Needles charter

Top Venue Stop Offs

On a full day’s charter we recommend breaking up the day with a lunch stop, thankfully The Solent has some fantastic venue options to choose from. One of the most popular and renowned being The Hut – Colwell Bay, situated on the isle of wight between Yarmouth and the Needles, they serve deliciously prepared food coupled with stunning views across The Solent. 

For those wishing to head towards the eastern side of The Solent for lunch, take a journey past Cowes and up the Medina River which is lined with beautiful countryside and historic buildings. Halfway up the river you’ll eventually spy The Folly Inn on your port hand side, moor up on their private jetty and enjoy an excellent bit of pub grub.  

If you’re desperate to stay out on the water all day then you can always pack a lunch for the day and find a quiet spot to anchor up in. Newtown Creek offers itself as an ideal location for such a lunch stop. Sheltered, peaceful and if you’re lucky – you might even bump into one of the locals sunbathing… don’t worry, by locals we mean the seals… not local residents of the island!

The George Yarmouth

Are you Feeling Brave?

On the right day, or sometimes even week, we are blessed with some stunning weather as the sun comes out and suddenly it’s easy to forget you’re in the UK and not in the Mediterranean somewhere. On these days we recommend taking full advantage by anchoring somewhere such as Alum or Osborne Bay and going for a swim. However, we beg clients to remember that just because the weather feels Mediterranean like, it doesn’t mean the Solent will!

Bareboat clients swimming

After Some History?

Beaulieu River takes you on a slow and beautifully scenic journey away from the hustle and bustle of The Solent. If you’re willing to take the 30-45 minute trundle up the river, you’re given the opportunity to stop off at the historic boat yard at Bucklers Hard. Originally intended to be a free port of trade with the West Indies, its geography helped it evolve into a shipbuilders in the early 18th century. A hugely interesting area to visit and also hosts the Master Builders Hotel where you can factor in a stop for lunch.

Bareboat Underway


Corporate Days

For those who are interested in organising a corporate day out on the water then we have you covered. Enjoy a leisurely day out on The Solent, blasting from port to port with lunch planned out ahead and ready for your arrival and even the option to add some competition to the day with our Solent Treasure Hunt. We have a wide range of options available to create the prefect corporate package, we also work closely with many of the Solent’s top venues and can help to book you in for accommodation or meeting room hire if required.  

Rib treasure hunt fleet

If you’d like to book a skippered or bareboat charter day out with us, then please contact our team on 01590 607101 or email admin@solentribcharter.co.uk