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Treasure Hunt Updates

Over the winter months it’s no secret that there aren’t many people wanting to charter in the cold and rain, that said you can have a pretty spectacular charter on a crisp and still winter’s day. What this quiet period does provide us with is some much needed time to re-group and review our products for any updates we can provide to take us through into the next summer season. 

Most recently, Sarah and Christian from our office team have braved the cold and gone from location to location across the Solent, testing our Treasure Hunts and using all of the creativity they can muster to come up with some new content for 2020. It’s been a tough job but someone has to do it… and by the look of the pictures, Christian & Sarah got very into the day! 

Spinnaker Tower Sarah with statue Telescope spying

Our Solent Rib Treasure Hunt is put together using the latest state of the art GPS based software and run off an iPad for each team. We take our clients to a selection of locations across the Solent such as; Cowes, Yarmouth, Hamble, Southampton & Portsmouth. On arrival, teams step off the Ribs and must use the maps generated on their iPad to navigate around the local area, dotted across the map will be way-points which, when within a certain distance, will unlock a challenge for your teams to complete. These challenges range from creative pictures, local knowledge, fact finding and much more! 

This event is great for keeping a competitive yet light hearted spirit throughout the day to help any group bond as a team and create some amazing, if not highly amusing, experiences together! What’s best is that, post event, we send you over all of your teams’ images from the day which are always a good laugh… just check out some of Sarah’s below as she pretends to be a crab, pumps water from a well and ‘planks’ on a torpedo (the planking wasn’t required).  

Sarah the crab Sarah planking on torpedo Sarah pumping water

If you’d like to find out more or if you are interested in booking a Solent Treasure Hunt this year then please give our team a call on 01590 607101 or email admin@solentribcharter.co.uk

Southampton backdrop with sunset selfie on the water Sarah behind whales tail