Solent Fort venue

The Solent’s Unique Venues…

Imagine blasting across the waters of the Solent, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the thrills of being whisked around at speed by our high-powered Ribs. As you draw closer to Portsmouth you can see several structures in the middle of the Solent, you begin to approach one of these structures and you can now make out the lettering of ‘Solent Forts’ across the side.

See the Solent on a Rib charter

Your skipper carefully ties up alongside to allow you and your guests to step up onto the platform and make your way into the fort. As you enter, you’re greeted by a glass of champagne, follow the steps up from the main reception and you’re now in a beautifully lit glass roofed room. Dressed in a nautical/ historic wartime theme, there’s ample lounge seating and a fully equipped bar & restaurant where you’re sat down and treated to an expertly selected lunch menu.

Solent Fort

Once you’ve finished eating you may choose to take a guided tour of the inner workings of the fort to learn of its wartime history, alternatively you’re free to roam around and treat yourself to other facilities on offer such as the spa & hot rooms.

End your day at the top of the fort, with a glass of your favourite ailment in hand, looking out across the breath-taking views of the Solent from a truly unique viewpoint. Below you see a Rib pulling up once again, ready to take you on a final blast back to shore.

Solent Fort