Happy clients in the rain

The Rain Doesn’t Stop Play!

Being a UK based outdoor company, we’ve learnt that you can’t always rely on the sun to shine. Even during the height of the summer season you should be prepared for a rainy day or two… maybe three… every week. However, the rain doesn’t stop play for us! In fact, it can fuel the excitement and fun of the day as once you’re flying across the Solent, in a slightly bumpy sea state with the rain lashing down, makes for a pretty full on experience! 

When looking ahead at the forecast for the day with our clients, we often get worried undertones if rain is predicted for their charter date. We always reassure our clients that the rain doesn’t stop us and that we provide full wet weather gear for everyone to keep them dry. This summer we had exactly this situation with a large charter we had booked in, however if you look at the images below you’ll struggle to see an unhappy face! 

Happy clients on Rib Rib charter clients on pontoon Rainy day, happy clients

Of course, we always monitor the weather to make sure that conditions on the day are safe for our charters to go out, normally it’s high winds against tide that will prohibit us which, thankfully, is a rare occurrence for us on The Solent as we are nicely sheltered by The Isle of Wight. 

All weather Rib Charter

If you’d like to book in a charter day with ourselves then please contact our team on 01590 607101 or email admin@solentribcharter.co.uk