Solent Sights

Last weekend the Solent saw the arrival of the worlds’ newest and most powerful aircraft carrier yet; The USS George H W Bush… The Solent Rib Charter team couldn’t resist going to have a look!

The 1,100ft carrier docked in Stokes Bay near Portsmouth on her maiden deployment after participating in the multi-national Excercise Saxton Warrior the the Roay Navy (HMS Dauntless and Gloucester) and other Nato forces.

The USS George H W Bush which was commissioned in 2009 weighs in at 97000 tonnes and can carry in excess of 70 aircraft; a mix of F18 jets, Seahawk helicopters and E2C AWAC’s planes. Super Bush (as we have renamed her) has over 6000 sailors and airecrew aboard.

Powered with two nuclear reactors Super Bush can exceed 30 knots and could operate for more than 20 years without refueling – slightly longer than our Ribs!

Hope the crew enjoyed their time ashore, we will look forward to seeing USS George H W Bush again sometime.