Rib winter refits

Rib Winter Refits

During the winter our operations team refit every boat on our fleet to ensure the Ribs and the equipment on board are in great condition for the season ahead. Our refit is so comprehensive that the Ribs literally look brand new when finished.

Our operations manager Jack said;

“The refits take us most of the winter and can sometime seem endless, but the guys take a great deal of pride in bringing the boats up to concourse condition. This year our new Planned Maintenance System introduced as part of our ISO 9001 accreditation makes it easier to check all of the equipment on board. There is a surprising amount of date sensitive equipment from fire extinguishers to life jacket lights! As soon as the boats finish we start on the trailers. It is amazing how quickly the bearings wear with salt water immersion. All good fun, every day is different!’’

Rib refit 1Rib refit - propellerRib refit 2Rib refit - safety

Just look at that shine!