Rib Charter clients

Our Busiest Day of the Year…

Every year we will have that one day which stands out as being the ‘busiest day of the year’, this year it happened to be Thursday 13th September. 

The day only had two clients booked in on the Solent, however one had 6 of our boats and the other 18! It’s fair to say that we had quite a presence on the Solent that day with our Ribs in formation blasting across from Southampton to Hurst Castle. 

Elsewhere, we had another 6 of our Commercial Ribs out on various jobs around the coast of the UK. 

It’s always a logistical challenge when you have to organise that many boats to be out on a single day, however it’s part of what we do and the clients loved it… the pictures speak for themselves. 

Rib charter at The Needles Corporate Rib charter event Ribs on the Solent