Bareboat Rib Charter

Make the most of your Rib Charter this Summer

Whichever format you choose for your Rib charter we want you to have the absolute best time possible on the water, it is far from a cheap day out!

The skippered option is often the ideal as you have no liability for the Rib and you have a skipper that knows the Solent intimately, allowing you to venture to places you might otherwise avoid. There is definitely something to be said for stepping off a Rib and not having to worry about where it is moored.

For others bareboat charter (without a skipper) is the only option. Putting you in complete control of your day with you family or friends, making the day a very personal experience. 

The temptation is to blast at high speeds around the Solent for hours on end, resulting in a high fuel bill and a loss of enthusiasm from the crew. The real pleasure of Ribs is finding a format that appeals to everyone on board, travelling at speed to different and interesting locations to explore. The Solent is perfect for this with a plethora of ports, dockyards, and landmarks within sheltered waters, and a trip ashore adds interest at every level. If passengers have a great time there is more chance of gaining approval for future charters!

Take a look at our What’s On website page to see some of the events coming up on the Solent. Our team and skippers know the Solent very well, so if you would like recommendations on places to see, eat at or stay just ask.  

Let’s hope for a sunshine filled summer!