Keeping sane during Covid lock down!

We are now 4 weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown here in the UK… or is it 5? Who knows anymore?! The days are starting to blend together in a ‘Groundhogesque’ fashion but our team here at SRC are finding all sorts of ways to keep ourselves occupied until we’re able to get back to the office and out on the water!

Adam has been keeping himself busy with DIY projects around his house, it’s all starting to look very smart.

Adam Barker DIY

Sarah has heroically signed up as an NHS Ambulance community responder and has already helped save lives in the time she’s been helping out!

Sarah Ambulance

Gemma has been working on her dancing skills up and down her staircase… surprisingly impressive moves!

Gemma the dancer

Hannah has been improving her baking skills even further, if that’s even possible? If you’ve ever been in our office on someone’s birthday you’ll know how good her cakes are!

Hannah's baking skills

Christian has been taping into his inner ‘tortured artistic soul’ and has taken to a bit of oil painting…

Christian painting

Rob has… well, we are slightly worried about how Rob is coping with the lockdown…

Rob gone mad

Hopefully normal life returns soon but in the mean time the Solent Rib Charter team are keeping their spirits high and eager to get our clients back out on the water!