Introducing Skipper George Glennie

George Glennie is one of the latest members of the SRC team.

When not cruising around in his Ford KA (otherwise known as Vera) George enjoys nothing more than skippering one of our Ribs. Ever the professional in front of the client, George likes to have a bit of fun in ‘down time’.

Here are a few photos you may recognise from our Facebook page…










Above; thumbs up from George after cleaning his boat, and taking some time out to lounge around… Below; enjoying the elements.


Why does George love working for us?

‘It’s hard to say what I love most about working for Solent Rib Charter. Bligh’s torrents of verbal abuse are of course quite high on the list and have made me feel at home since the very beginning, but there’s so much more… I could tell how proud my superiors were when I successfully ‘launched’ a boat recently and the exhaustive safety report that was put together as a result of the launch only reinforced this. I think what really makes it for me though is the concern that everyone shows for one another such as the supportive howls of laughter from Ed and Jack when I hit myself in the face with a winch handle. When all these factors come together it’s really not hard to see why I love working for SRC so much.’