HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth: Portsmouth Arrival

Having almost completed it’s 6 weeks of sea trials in the North Sea, the HMS Queen Elizabeth is due to arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday 16th August at 07.10AM.  

The Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier has cost £3bn to build, weighs 65,000 tonnes, 280m long and is the most powerful warship the Royal Navy have ever built. It will certainly be a sight to see the carrier arrive in its home port Portsmouth for the first time.

To accommodate the new warships coming into Portsmouth a four-mile long channel has been dug out with 3,200,000 cubic meters of sediment removed, the equivalent to 1,280 Olympic swimming pools.

If you’d like to charter a boat for the day to watch the HMS Queen Elizabeth coming into Portsmouth then please call us on 01590 607101 or email