Bareboat Day Out

FAQ about our Bareboat Rib Charters

Our Bareboat charters are a hugely popular section of our business and we are constantly dealing with new customers who, understandably, have a list of questions for us. So we’ve decided to put together a short FAQ to try and cover some of the key questions we get.

Bareboat at Needles Bareboat in Yarmouth Bareboat swimmers
Do I need any qualifications?

Yes, you need a minimum of a Powerboat level 2 and suitable experience on the Solent (or in the area you wish to charter). If you don’t have your certification then we would recommend contacting Power Boat Training UK who run courses out of Poole and Lymington.

Is there an Age limit?

To charter the Rib you must be over 25 years old. For passengers there are no age limitations, however Ribs are subject to significant shock loads so they aren’t suitable for anyone with; neck, back, knee, hip or foot injuries or who are pregnant.

We also provide lifejackets for children 4 years and above, any younger and you must provide one yourself which has been specifically fitted to them.

How far can you go?

Most of our charters are Solent based and we would recommend staying within the Solent for your day out. Some of our clients head over to Poole but unless you have a specific reason to head out that far we wouldn’t recommend it.

How large is the fuel tank?

All of our Ribs have 270 litre fuel tanks, this means they have plenty of fuel to cover a full day’s charter.

How many people can come on the Rib?

We have two sizes of Rib available for charter, 7.8m and 8.8m, the 7.8m can hold up to 8 people including the skipper and the 8.8m can hold up to 10 including skipper.

What size is the engine?

All of our Ribs have 250hp Suzuki four stroke low noise and fuel efficient engines. Perfectly equipped to provide a ‘full on’ Rib charter experience!

What is the typical fuel burn?

Fuel consumption doubles every 1000rpm so consumption really depends on how fast and how far you travel on your charter. The average cost would be around £85, however we have a range from £40 up to £150+.

Where should I go?

It really depends on what you’d like to do for the day. Cowes and Yarmouth are the main ports on the Island to visit, both hosting a number of great lunch venues. For beauty stops, we always recommend having a look at Newtown Creek or a stretch up the Beaulieu River (make sure to passage plan for these journey’s ahead of time).

Where do I collect the Rib from?

Our Ribs are kept at Lymington Yacht Haven Marina and this is where we meet our clients to hand over the boat. However, we can arrange to deliver to another location around the Solent (Southampton, Cowes, Portsmouth, Yarmouth, Poole, Hamble) or further afield but there is a delivery/collection charge attached to this.

How much is it?

Cost depends on the size of Rib.

  • 7.8m: £380 + vat per day
  • 8.8m: £400 + vat per day

Fuel is charged as burnt post charter and all moorings incurred must be paid by yourself on the day.
We also offer multiple day card rates which you can view on our Bareboat Charter page.

Can I cancel the charter?

We take full payment on booking for Bareboat charters, if you need to cancel the date we will then hold your charter in our system for up to 5 years until you have a new date in mind.

What happens if the conditions are bad?

Our office team will give you a ‘final details’ call a couple of days before your charter date, at this stage we will also look at what the weather is doing. If the conditions are deemed unsafe we will remove your charter for the day and hold it in our system until you have a new date in mind.

What happens if it rains?

Rain doesn’t stop us from running our charters, we provide full wet weather gear on request at no extra cost.

What time do I collect the Rib?

Our office team will arrange a set time for you to meet for your handover in the morning at whatever time best suits yourself. Our Ribs must then be back in the marina by 17:30.

To find out more then you can visit the Bareboat section of our website, give our team a call on 01590 607101 or email us at