Christmas Grotto Office Prank!

Being a creative company we never do anything half-heartedly, so when we were instructed by Richard (our director) to create a Christmas Grotto around Stuart’s desk (our other director) while he was away on holiday, we pulled out all of the stops.

Our operations team promptly went out to purchase timber to construct the frame whilst Hannah & Gemma where tasked with purchasing decorations, brick wallpaper and fake snow. Over the course of an afternoon, Stuart’s desk was transformed from a boring and mundane working area to the outstanding Christmas Grotto!

Richard orchestrated the furnishings and for a fake fireplace to be installed by our IT friends from AMICA and the final touches were added. All that was left was for Stuart to return from his holiday.

Thursday morning rolled around, costumes where donned and even a Shetland ‘reindeer’ pony was brought in to roam around a make shift paddock outside the office.

After an hour of preparation, Stuart arrived for his first day back in the office… only to be welcomed in by our SRC elves! The pictures below tell the rest of the story, you don’t get much more festive than this! (he’s even considering keeping the grotto all year round!)