Salcombe Rib Charters

Bareboat Rib Charters in Salcombe

We may have Solent in our name but we aren’t restricted to just chartering in our home waters. Many of our bareboat clients take week long charters all across the UK’s coastline with one of the more popular destinations for our Rib charters being Salcombe in Devon. 

Salcombe is listed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty due to it’s significant landscape and recognition of its national importance, pair this with its rich history of being a leisure boating town and you can easily see why our clients like to charter our boats there. 

Our operations manager Jack Weller has visited the town frequently and highly recommends the scenic south coast walk, ending at the Gara Rock Hotel which serves expertly prepared food complete with picturesque views of the Sea.

Salcombe coast path walk

Most of our Salcombe Rib charters will be for 1-2 weeks as, being based in Lymington, we charge our direct costs for transporting the Rib over. We offer heavily discounted rates on consecutive day charters, if you’d like to find out more then please give our office a call on 01590 607102 or email