Rib Charter throughout the year

All day, every day! (We operate 365 days a year)

The days are shorter, the weather colder and the skies are considerably more grey as we slowly march into winter. The hustle and bustle of summer has died down and the corporate world retreats indoors to stay warm over the next couple of months. 

However there are always those brave few who want to take to the seas during this period, and that’s precisely why we operate all year round

There’s a certain magic to being out on the water during the winter, the crisp weather accompanied by calm seas allow you to blast your way across the Solent. Stop off in Cowes or Yarmouth and walk the quite streets of these classic seaside towns, dive into the closest pub to warm up with some good food and then it’s back to an afternoon of cruising the Solent. 

Keep an eye out for us on 5th December as we have a charter booked for 10 of our Ribs to host a corporate party. 

If you’d like to book a charter with us, no matter what time of the year, then please call us on 01590 607101 or email admin@www.solentribcharter.co.uk.