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2019 Skippers’ Highlights – Steve Morgan

It’s come to that time of year where we start reflecting on our 2019 highlights. We’ve had a great season here at Solent Rib Charter having been involved in some amazing jobs and most importantly have been blessed with awesome clients. 

We wouldn’t be able to operate without our fantastic team of skippers, so this month we hand the reigns to them with a series of ‘guest blogs’ to help us with our countdown to 2020! 

First off… Steve Morgan! 

Steve Morgan Skipper

2019 was a fantastic boating season with SRC & CRC. January 4th was the first date in my log – filming the CRC fleet in stunning, cold and sunny weather. It set the tone for a very busy and diverse year. It was never dull; work all over the UK and beyond, charters of all types – corporate, commercial and private. There was international sailing support, military work, surveying, filming, team building and of course leisure work.

SailGP hit the water in 2019 with its global tour reaching Cowes in 2019. My favourite charter of the year was working with the Great Britain team on a filming assignment ahead of the UK competition weekend. The brief was to provide a platform for drone filming of a stunt involving the Great Britain F50 foiling catamaran towing a kite surfing champion – Olly Bridge.

Team GB SailGP

The day was based out of the SailGP technical support centre in Southampton Docks. Filming took place all over the Western Solent on a warm, sunny and windy-enough day. It was great to work so closely with the Great Britain team, their technical support and the film crew. It was a complex shoot, a long day and fascinating to see how everyone worked together to deliver an amazing film.

You can check out the finished product on the link below: