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The difference

Each Rib has a dedicated trailer perfect for towing by our fleet of Toyota Hi-Lux vehicles. Our team are employed full time year around; we develop and then retain the skills and talent we need to keep our Ribs in prime condition.

Adventurous bareboat charter

We have always welcomed adventurous clients. Most years we have bareboats going up to the Scottish Western Isles for family holidays. We once had two families who took two Ribs for a week in the Outer Hebrides. We removed the rear seats making space for water proof Pelle cases. Our clients and their boys anchored the boats and then launched the Pelle cases each night and swam them ashore to set up camp.

We refit our boats each year in our own workshop. We strip them down to the smallest component, repairing or replacing as we go meaning that we start each year with every boat on fleet being ‘as good as new’. We do the same with all of our trailers and we operate only modern Hilux trucks. All of the kit we fit is ‘best on market’.

When things go wrong

Despite all our care, things can go wrong. Recently we had a client chartering for three weeks on the Isle of Mull whose GPS unit suddenly failed. No local dealer was able to move quickly enough. Our solution – we sent Christian and Dominic from the office. They set off within two hours of the call and drove 552 miles catching the first available ferry. We changed the unit out within 30 minutes of arriving on the Isle. Our client was delighted!

Talk to us
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