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Nationwide programme

The Trust run a very successful programme that has now expanded to include every hospital in the United Kingdom specialising in childhood oncology. The Trust operates several week long courses each year that are designed to boost confidence and social skills after long periods of comparative isolation when undergoing treatment.

Great feedback

Judging from the feedback the company receives from the Trust, the Rib trips seem to be the single most popular part of the week long course and SRC are delighted to be able to use the Ribs to such good effect.

'Shout out' to our skippers

The Trust are very grateful for SRC's provision of free boats and fuel and the company is in turn grateful to its skippers for volunteering to give up their time so willingly to support this fantastic cause.

Concentrating our efforts

We like to think that we make a major contribution to the Trust for a company of our size and this resonates with our philosophy of doing it right or not at all. Sadly though this does mean we are unable to support other charitable endeavours. We hope that you understand...

Talk to us
Do you have an event in mind? Send us your details using the form below or have a quick chat with one of our experts on 01590 607101.

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