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Ribs are used by the RNLI as their main inshore rescue fleet all around the UK and Irish coastlines. In fact Ribs were developed by Atlantic College in Wales in the early 1970's funded by the Royal Navy, to create a world class lifeboat design. Ribs have subsequently been adopted throughout the world by navies and rescue organisations.

A note of caution

Whist tremendously safe and exciting, Ribs are also dynamic, lively and likely to be subjected to significant shock loads. It is important that you make all members of your party aware of this.


Ribs will not suit those who have neck, back, hip, knee, ankle or foot problems or any other medical condition made worse by shock loads. Likewise Ribs will not suit those who are either pregnant or are of notable stature and those who have consumed alcohol or taken intoxicating drugs.


Solent Rib Charter operate Ribs to the Code of Practice published by the Professional Charterer's Association (PCA). All SRC boats are surveyed and coded by the UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and certified as passenger carrying vessels.


All SRC skippers are commercially endorsed by the MCA and licensed to skipper passenger carrying vessels. The company works hard to ensure that its Rib operations are kept as safe as possible whilst at the same time providing the fun that clients expect.

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